Leadership University Online

More than 10 years in developement, LeadUOnline is a digital resource environment for the 21st Century Leader.

Beginning with a leadership coaching library, we've cataloged everything from soup to nuts in a anytime, anywhere system of development. Quick and easy downloads to streaming audio and video (coming 2008), we fill your life and mp3 players with leading edge thinking.

Hundreds of hours of audio cataloged into leadership, management, coaching, executive coaching, interviews with leading book authors, 100s of downloadable ebooks for a one-time introductory lifetime tuition fee and/or a small subscription fee per month. One of the greatest how-to libraries on the web greats you with a wide selection of seldom seen or heard ideas breaking leadership and management ground.

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Lifetime Subscription

Join us with a lifetime subscription and listen, view, learn with access to our entire library, when and where you want access. This lifetime subscription features more than 1000 hours of downloadable and streaming audio. Rather than featuring the cream of the crop gurus, we feature leading edge authors, coaches and trainers who have not yet become redundant. Change is occurring too fast and while it's hard to keep up, we keep you ahead of keeping up. The system features down to earth, practical applications of management, leadership, coaching, training and counseling methods that really work, in real life.

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Monthly Subscription

Get access to our monthly feature with this low monthly fee. Each month you receive up to 10 hours of downloadable and streaming audio programs, along with new ebook releases targeted to self-improvement. These new releases each month automatically go into your personal library and allow you to keep up with change. Learn time management, conflict resolution, problem-solving, coaching, motivation, team-building, or any of a 100 leadership skills using our monthly subscription, when and where you want to learn, just in time, or just in case.

Sample Interviews, Programs and Audio Available

Management (samples)


  • Time Management I

  • The Management of Stress

  • Time Management II


  • Job Goals

  • Planning

  • Action Planning

  • Personal Planning

  • Self Development

  • Putting it Together


  • Organizing People and Things


  • Problem Solving

  • Decision Making


  • Measurements and Standards I

  • Measurements and Standards II


  • Specific Interpersonal Situations

  • Discussion Framework

  • Mentoring

  • Reviewing Performance

  • Giving Feedback

  • Handling Complaints

  • Communicating Change

  • Handling Problem Associates

  • Effective Delegation Discussions


  • Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Team Concepts and Principles

  • Team Techniques


  • Communications

  • Making Presentations

  • Report Writing

  • Personality Pack

Category 9. HIRING

  • Staff Selection I

  • Staff Selection II

Category 10. NEGOTIATING

  • Negotiating Skills I

  • Negotiating Skills II

Leadership (samples)

Category 1: Attention

  • Information

  • Time

  • Energy

  • Attention

  • Motivation

Category 2: Intention

  • SWOT

  • Assumptions

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Principles

  • Strategic Direction

  • Key Success Factors

  • Goals

  • Standards

Category 3: Capability

  • Tenets of Capability

  • Competency Frameworks

  • Discover How to Use Management and Leadership Training Systems to Improve Your Life and Business

  • Pricing Your Professional Services For Success

  • Discover How to Guarantee Success in Coaching

  • Learn How to Prepare A Scope of Work Proposal

  • How to Position Yourself in the Coaching Business

  • Managing Attention

  • Learn How to Use Virtual MasterMinds To Leverage Yourself

  • Discover the Secrets of How to Leverage R&D Teams

  • Here are 101 Things to Do to Avoid a Recession

  • Learn to Monetize Your Professional Success With Database Marketing

  • Managing Attention During A Presentation

  • Learn How To Create Wellth in Network Marketing with Leadership 

  • Final Four Game: Creating Values Conflict That Is Valuable!

  • How to Monetize What You Know and How to Build a Database of Potential Customers

Category 4: Alignment

  • Using Infotool as a Scanning Tool

  • Understanding a Leadership Array

  • ValuSync: When Values Matter

  • Spiral Leadership: How Change Dynamics Create Results

  • Dynamic Engagement: 10 Systems of Parallel Transformation

Category 5: Coaching

  • COACH2 The Bottom Line

  • CoachCertified� System

  • Strategy Focused Developmental Coaching System

  • 21 Day Intention Program

  • Master Leadership Coaching System

  • Developmental Coach Forum

  • Spiral Coaching

Interviews: (samples)

Ales & Dave Bennet
Alex Mandossian
Bill Shirley 
Bob Bookman 
Bob Johnson
Carl L. Harshman, Ph.D 
Denise Wakeman & Patsi Krakoff
Don Edward Beck, Ph.D
Dr. Bob Rausch
Dr. Michael Commons
Dr. John H. Stevens, Jr,
Dr. Susan J.Bethanis
Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter
Elza Maalouf
Emily Marcus
George Labovitz
Glory Borgeson
Hank Epstein
Harrison Sheppard, JD
Herb Koplowitz & Glenn Mehltretter 
Herb Rubenstein
Jack Hipple
Jocelyn Fritsch, M.A, CPCC
Judith E. Glaser 
Karlin Sloan
Kelli McCauley
Marc Beneteau 
Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D
Meryl Moritz
Milana Leshinsky 
Mitch Meyerson
Mitchell Davis 
Nicholas Nobile
Pam Ragland
Richard Boyatzis
Robert Knowlton
Stanley Labovitz
Steven Reiss, Ph.D
Susan Bulkeley Butler
Suzi Pomerantz
Vikki G. Brock
Wendy Capland
William Bergquist, Ph.D

Self-Improvement (Samples)

Conquer Your Fears!
Eliminate Stress & Anxiety
Develop Positive Habits
Cure Depression
Achieve Ultimate Success
Self-Confidence / Self-Esteem
Time Management
Achieve Your Goals
Positive Thinking / Thinking Big
Speed Reading
Activate Accelerated Learning
Improve Your Marriage
Gain Leadership Skills
Learn Body Language
Develop Super Power Memory
Develop Negotiating Skills
Program Your Mind for Anything
Get Organized
Get Motivated Forever
Master Natural Public Speaking
Increase Your Mental Powers
Blast Through Your Limitations
Alter Your Personality
Master New Skills & Talents
Anger Management
Conquer Shyness
Affirmations / Visualization
Program Your Mind for Anything
Sleep Well!
Quit Smoking / Nuke Bad Habits
Destroy Bad Habits
Become a Decision Maker
Control Your Emotions

These samples are only a small part of what you can expect in the Library, as we'll feature audio programs on many advanced topics like Spiral Dynamics Integral, Resilience, Integral Leadership, Developmental Coaching, Internet Marketing, Innovation, Succession Planning, Executive Development and many more topics of interest, including stress management, leadership assessment and business leadership and entrepreneurship. These programs alone would costs thousands of dollars to purchase and attend.

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Each month we'll at least 10 hours of new audio, and beginning in 2008, we'll start adding video that gives you the opportunity to learn while watching real life in action.

At this time, leadership university members may purchase access to this library at a reduced rate until December 31, 2006, at which time, the introductory rate will reach $997 for our charter launch in early 2007. When LeadU members purchase this lifetime offer, they also receive the right to become a master affiliate and receive affiliate commissions during our charter launch in 2007. The master affiliate receives $400 commission according to affiliate program terms for all referrals during the charter launch.

Purchasing now provides you with your lifetime subscription and your master affiliation. Affiliate registration begins 30 days before the charter launch in 2007.

Beginning in January 2007, each month you receive access to at least 10 hours of featured audio. After the charter launch you receive access to the entire library. This is being done to create beta-testers for our charter launch rollout. It is also the reason we are offering reduced pricing to LeadUOnline.

This membership is not to be confused with current Leadership University Live Classes, which as a LeadU member you have access to as a result of your membership in LeadU. Audios included in the LeadUOnline do include recorded LeadU programs as well as other audios from a variety of sources making this library one of the most extensive management, leadership and coaching libraries anywhere in the world.

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You will note that the price is increasing and will continue to increase until it reaches the "charter rate" of $997.

We will remove the link on the date noted, and the next link will be applicable, please register now!

Register for the Public Introductory "Charter Offer" for $997

Beginning in the spring of 2007, we'll begin adding ebooks in every category of leadership development, audiobooks, and even short videos.

To me, it's clear, this opportunity will expand our influence around the globe and provide you with the opportunity to personal enjoy and professionally benefit from this rollout.

Thanks for being a leader in LeadU!


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